Now that the kids are back in class, it’s time to pay attention to the home improvement projects you’ve neglected all summer.


The summer months are coming to an end, and that means school will be in session and your house will see a reprieve from the family. For many households, back-to-school season is dreaded by kids and adored by parents who can once again focus on household and DIY projects that were on hold during the summer months. Maybe you’ve been looking to organize the basement or take on a bathroom remodel. Or, if you’re a new empty nester, perhaps you’re thinking of ways to transform the spare bedroom.

Here are a few ideas to get back on track with home projects. 

Revisit the home projects you set aside for later.

When the summer months are here, many households prioritize driving the kids to activities, hosting out-of-town summer guests, and just enjoying the lazy summer days. When the house is full of people, it’s impossible to remember or even attempt home projects you once had on the front burner. Walk through your home and decide what rooms, storage areas, maintenance projects, or to-do items you wish to revisit. Write out a list and prioritize which projects are most necessary due to safety or disrepair. You can also include items that are more cosmetic and for convenience.  Estimate how much each project will cost, how much time each will consume and whether you need to hire outside professional help.

Home improvement: Young man and woman painting wall

Organization can take less time without the family.

Remember over the summer months how the smallest area to organize seemed like it took longer because of excess family members hanging around the house? Once school is back in session, it’s a perfect time to clean out linen closets, laundry rooms, basements, garages, refrigerators and kitchen pantry shelves.  These utilitarian spaces take a beating over the summer months, as family members often throw items anywhere convenient. Take back your storage areas by tackling one space at a time. Start with projects that you can complete in one day or less, and build up to weekend projects, or set goals for yourself and divide the projects up by milestones. There is nothing like being able to see the back of a clean refrigerator again, right?

Home improvement projects get priority again.

If you’re looking to renovate a portion of your home or you’re thinking of smaller projects like painting or wallpapering your kids’ room, these jobs will feel much easier to accomplish when school is back in session. Whether you are approaching the projects on your own or you plan to hire help, there is no it’s much easier to move furniture, renovate and take on projects in an empty home. Some contractors may offer discounts on work due to the slowdown of construction jobs after the summer months. Check to see what specials are offered by your local contractor or handyman service. 

Empty nesters, what will you do with that extra space?

If your child recently graduated or went away to college, you may find yourself at a wonderful, albeit bittersweet, crossroad. What to do with that extra room? For many parents, a new home office, a media room, or a craft/hobby room could be a real help. Look to your lifestyle now that the kids are out of the house and think of what best suits your needs. The extra space could be made into a spare bedroom for out-of-town guests to stay or you may need to spend a few weeks thinking of a new or existing hobby to take on in the space. A new home gym, a meditation room, or a man cave—now that the kids are gone, you have all the options in the world.

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This back-to-school season, get excited that your home can be yours again! From organization and home improvement projects to transforming your spare space, this is the time to resume your home projects again.



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