Top 10 Movies About Moving

Well it’s the busiest moving time of the year again, and we’re celebrating with the Top Ten Movies About Moving. Throughout the years, movies have highlighted the pratfalls and promise of moves – whether across town or across country – and these are some of our favorites.


Earlier, we brought you the Best Moving Songs of All-Time and our community responded with plenty of great additions of their own. Well it’s the busiest moving time of the year again, and we’re celebrating with the Top Ten Movies About Moving. Throughout the years, movies have highlighted the pratfalls and promise of moves – whether across town or across country – and these are some of our favorites.

10. Raising Arizona – Hi and Ed’s misbegotten move to the desert leads to some of the most irreverent and unpredictable behavior in cinema. Nevertheless we can’t help but love these two misfits as they do everything they can to get their own little slice of happiness. Still, we advise spending a lot more time thinking through your move.

9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – But wait, they didn’t move anywhere in Christmas Vacation you say? Fair enough, but the storage issues faced by Clark Griswald as he fights to give his family an unforgettable Christmas – wrestling with tangled lights, hiding presents, and this incredible moment that infused all of us with a fear of the attic stairs – garner NLCV a spot on our list.

Christmas Vacation Lights

8. The Karate Kid – If you had to pick the worst times to move, senior year of high school would be near the top of the list.  Daniel LaRusso is faced with this as he moves from New Jersey to California for his senior year.  Little did he know this journey would lead him to a newfound love interest, an introduction to his mentor, Mr. Miyagi, and an eventual karate championship.  Plus of course, he learned the unforgettable crane kick.  The sequels would take him across the ocean to Japan.  Daniel LaRusso’s travels show the endless possibilities of relocation.

7. Moving – Okay, so this was an easy one. When Richard Pryor tries to move his family to Boise, Idaho he employs the less-than-desirable services of the Hummingbird Moving Company and learns the importance of packing and moving with professionals.

6. Coming to America – “What better place to find a queen than in the city of Queens?” Few films have ever taken on culture shock in such irreverent fashion. When Prince Akeem Joffer moves to New York City to find his queen we find that things work very differently in different places.

5. Dumb and Dumber – One “culture shock” entry deserves another and here we have one of the finest. Lloyd and Harry just want a better life, and who can fault them for that? I mean they have every reason to pack up and move, including the fact that their PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF! But when they decide to head West in search of Mary Swanson – and a better life – seemingly everything manages to go wrong. Blissfully ignorant to the end, Lloyd and Harry find plenty more than they bargained for.

beverly hillbillies
4. The Beverly Hillbillies – If we had to pick a favorite moving family it would have to be the Jeffersons but with this list limited to films we’re going to have to go with the lovable Clampetts. Plus, Jed Clampett scores bonus point for one of the most innovative packing jobs you’ll ever see (we couldn’t help but going with the original title card for this one!)

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3. Funny Farm – One of the best takes on “city slickers” trading in the hustle and bustle of the big city for a more bucolic lifestyle. Funny Farm features Chevy Chase in amazing form as he navigates the fine art of establishing relationships with neighbors that aren’t too excited about your move (and putting your best bet forward when deciding to change your mind and sell!).

2. The Money Pit – Hanks makes his second appearance on the list, yet still not his last! Perhaps no film better exemplifies the stresses of moving to a new home then this 1986 hit in which Hanks and Shelley Long star as a young couple that think they got the deal of a lifetime, only to learn that houses are a lot of work.

toy story moving box

1.Toy Story – Well we’re a bit partial to any film that culminates with a heroic landing into a moving box but Toy Story truly is an incredible film that highlights how difficult a move can be on a family. There’s laughter, tears, and an unforgettable chase scene involving a moving truck, as friends struggle valiantly to reunite.

So there you have it: ten films that depict the unforgettable experience of moving. We’re sure you’ll have some of your own selections so make sure to comment, and as always, make sure to trust Uncle Bob’s Self Storage when planning your next move!

Honorable Mentions:

– The Brave Little Toaster
– Poltergeist
– Footloose
– The Grapes of Wrath
– Planes, Trains & Automobiles
– Back to the Future

Let us know your favorites in the comments!



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  • Mike

    How about Urban Cowboy? Bud moves in with his Uncle Bob to work and save enough money to move back to his hometown and buy some land. It’s perfect! He has an Uncle Bob!

  • Brandon

    Beetlejuice is always a classic. About a newly dead couple who haunts a new family trying to move into and ruin their home. When their haunting isn’t working, they employ Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) to do it for them. Hilarity ensues.

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