When buyers can smell, taste, hear and feel the lifestyle of a seller’s home, they may be more willing to purchase the property. Use these tips to appeal to a buyer’s senses.


Most homebuyers know the feeling – the feeling of walking into a house and knowing it’s the right one for you. While home staging may be able helping potential buyers feel an emotional connection to a home, what many potential sellers don’t know is that appealing to all five of the buyer’s senses is an important element of the home staging process.

When selling your home, it’s important to entice buyers with an all-around good experience – from the moment they step inside to the moment they shut the front door behind them. With these tips you can help promote your home as a place that’s not only appealing to the eyes, but to the ears, nose, and yes, even the taste buds!


The first thing potential buyers feel is the way a home smells. Before putting your home on the market, deep clean and declutter by getting rid of paper products and old clothing that may have absorbed odors over time. Your home should smell freshly cleaned, but not overly fake or “chemical”. If your home feels stuffy, concentrate on circulating fresh air – just be sure to replace air filters beforehand. To add a personal touch, consider baking fresh cookies or brewing a fresh pot of coffee before you open your home to the general public.


Taste buds go hand in hand with the sense of smell, so why not offer buyers the coffee or cookies you just prepared? The more domesticated your home feels, the more likely potential buyers are to envision themselves transforming your old home into their new one. Visitors might not remember which house had a vase of flowers on the counter, but they’re sure to remember the one that had fresh cookies, fruit, or freshly brewed coffee.


Before inviting potential buyers into your home, take a moment to listen to your house. If you hear dripping faucets, squeaky steps or anything else that needs a quick fix, it’s best to repair these before the open house. If you live in a loud neighborhood, consider playing light music to mask the sounds and remember to keep kids, pets, and other noisy distractions out of your home during a showing.

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The old adage “you can look, but you can’t touch” doesn’t apply to potential buyers. Homebuyers like to touch things, so make sure door knobs and banisters are clean and free of dust. Incorporate a variety of clothes and textures in your home, and cover your furniture with new fabric if the original upholstery is too worn. Fabrics such as wool throw rugs and fluffy pillows in the bedroom can make the buyer feel cozy and at home in your home.

The ultimate goal of home staging is to keep the buyer in the space as long as possible. If buyers feel welcome and comfortable in your home, they will stay longer. By using these often overlooked senses to promote your home, you can guide buyers to the closing table. For visual examples of how to use senses to help sell your home, visit our Pinterest board. Good luck!

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