Moving from one home to another costs a lot of money, and that’s not even including when you need to come up with a mortgage down payment, or first and last months’ rent with a security deposit for renters. Here are several tips to help you save money when moving to your new home.


The average American moves over 11 times in their lifetime, and that number is climbing as younger generations prove to be more willing to move sooner.

But as we all know, moving from one home to another costs a lot of money, and that’s not even including when you need to come up with a mortgage down payment, or first and last months’ rent with a security deposit for renters. Here are several tips to help you save money when moving to your new home.

1. Start Earning Favors from Friends Now

For many people relocating from place to place, one of the largest expenses they’ll incur is paying for professional movers. Many times, it’s necessary, as we have valuable items that we want handled by professionals. And if those professionals break anything, they’re usually insured and you should get something back from them.

But not everyone has to move a grand piano or a crystal chandelier.

Most of us that are looking to save money when moving are more interested in just getting their “stuff” from one address to another, with the understanding that a scratch on the nightstand is OK, since we’re saving money elsewhere.

You have to convince those friends to come help you, though.

Invite your friends over this weekend for a big night of grilling steaks and drinking some good wine. Your buddy’s going out of town at 6:30am on Saturday morning? Offer to give him a ride to the airport! Your friends need a babysitter!?! Volunteer!

Then, after the steak dinner, or as you pull up to the airport, or as they pick up their kids – mention that you might need some help moving!

You could also be straightforward and ask, but where’s the fun in that? This way, your guilt is assuaged, and they get a reward better than a crappy slice of pizza and warm beer.

Take this time to give away some things that might not be worth moving to your new home, also. You’re not going to use your backup fondue set!

2. Shop Now For the Cheapest TV, Internet and Phone Services in Your New City

Check out the TV, Internet and Phone services at your new address. You’ll most likely find better introductory deals than what you were paying at your old address.

Remember, though, those first-time deals might come cheap this year, but they sometimes come with term contracts, so make sure you figure out what the service will cost you after the deal runs out, then average the numbers out to see how much it would cost you over a two-year period. You can always come back to them, after your initial term runs out, and try to renegotiate, too!

Also, make sure you ask for some free premium channels for a few months! You’re going to be in a new city, possibly not knowing too many people – those free movie channels will come in handy on Saturday night!

3. Fight For Your Right For Low Prices!

If you are moving to an area that happens to have the same providers that you already use, then you only need to call them to just transfer your service. But don’t just transfer without making your provider fight to keep you!

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By looking up other digital services available in your area, you’ll see what the other providers are offering, and you can use that as leverage to get a great deal with the company you’re already with.

Also, find out about installation fees, including from the provider you’re currently using. They might charge you a services transfer fee, but if you mention the other providers that are offering free installation, you can bet that they’ll suddenly decide to waive your services transfer fee.

Always remember that it costs a company more money to get a new customer than it does to retain an old one.

4. Donate Clothes, Write It Off On Your Taxes

Let’s face it — you’re probably never going to fit into those parachute pants ever again. Plus, all of your old clothes weigh a lot and you’re not going to want to move them from the back of your old closet to the back of your new closet. If you end up losing weight, you’ll want to buy new clothes to celebrate anyway!

The Digital Landing Moving Guide tells us that rather than move the clothes or throw them away – donate them at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. They’ll write you a receipt, which will allow you to deduct them from your taxes.

5. Learn Your Neighborhood Quickly

By knowing what’s close by and what’s far away will help you save money by:

  • Not wasting your time on bad food.
  • Finding chain stores that are closer one way, but farther another way.
  • Figuring out which stores have member’s clubs that save you money if you shop there regularly.
  • Not wasting time in traffic at the wrong times of the day.
  • Finding franchise stores you are comfortable with and know what they offer.

Once you get settled, start branching out to new stores and restaurants, or ask your new neighbors what you’re missing out on.

These five tips will hopefully help you keep some cash in your pocket. You’re going to need it for when you throw yourself a housewarming party!

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