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Attics can feel overwhelming, especially when they’re overwhelmingly cluttered. It’s a common problem because there’s “lots of extra space” in the attic. You casually place miscellaneous items in the attic until you can find the time to deal with them. Before long, you have a giant space that’s full of half-filled boxes, you can’t find anything that you need, and you’re desperately looking for attic storage ideas. Whether you’re here to find decluttering ideas or you’re just looking for some fun attic organization tips, Uncle Bob’s can help.

Attic Organization Pitfalls

People use attic storage for family heirlooms and/or old documents because they want to keep the items, but they simply don’t have room in the house. Sometimes items are relocated to the attic so they can be out of reach from small children who might break something. It always starts with good intentions; however, heartbreak begins when you realize something is broken or misplaced because of the clutter in the attic. If you are in need of some attic storage strategies, we’re here to help.

Your Source for Attic Organization Ideas

You can create attic organization routines and turn that room into a functional, welcoming space using tips you learn here on the Uncle Bob’s blog. Find strategies to help you take charge of the belongings in your attic and make it work for you.

It’s okay to keep special belongings. It’s okay to fill boxes full of items that your children will want in their first home or toys your future grandchildren will play with. We’re here to provide fresh ideas about how you can efficiently store those precious belongings without creating a cluttered, chaotic mess. Come back often for tips and tricks that can help make your attic functional for you and every other member of the family.

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