Before you get your Halloween decor out for the October trick-or-treaters and your outdoor grill ready for football season, here are helpful tips to keep in mind to make the most out of the outside of your home.


We’ve been talking about the onset of fall for the last few weeks and now it’s finally here! Fall is the perfect time for entertaining in your home—the weather is cooler, activities center on fall holidays and spending time with family and friends become the heart of the season. Before you get your Halloween decor out for the October trick-or-treaters and your outdoor grill ready for football season, here are helpful tips to keep in mind to make the most out of the outside of your home for fall entertaining.

1. Assess your landscaping and curb appeal.

Before your mind gets set on the activities you and your guests will enjoy, how about ensuring your fall landscaping and curb appeal are up to par? Landscaping in the fall often is set aside when deciduous trees paint the sidewalks with fallen leaves and cooler weather has us forgetting that our grass and grounds are still a vital part of our outdoor home.

Ensure your sidewalks, driveway, patio and backyard hardscape areas are swept free from fallen leaves and debris. If you need to power wash your concrete or stone pavers, do this well before guests arrive. Look to your local nursery center for potted planters that can be easily moved around to add color to your outdoor areas.

2. Check to see that evening lighting is adequate and welcoming.

Tips for fall organization

While the two carriage lights beside your front patio and garage may usually be enough, it doesn’t mean they provide adequate lighting to welcome and entertain guests this fall. Get creative with your outdoor lighting ideas and set an inviting mood for your home.

Pathway lighting along sidewalks and meandering stone walkways is ideal for your backyard or any paths that lead to another area of your outdoor home. Architectural lighting on your home such as wall sconces, pendant lighting at your front door and even lanterns placed on patio tables can ensure your guests will feel safe and warm. Such lighting also creates an ambiance that everyone loves during evening entertaining!

3. Prepare for Halloween and trick-or-treaters.

At the end of October, your outdoor home probably gets more traffic than any other day of the year! Children and parents enjoying the festive act of dressing up in costumes and walking door to door to collect candy is a tradition that most communities cherish.

This season, when pulling out your favorite Halloween and harvest décor, remember to keep an organized area in your garage or basement for easy access and cleanup. After all, your ability to find extension cords, replacement bulbs and fun signage can help you enjoy putting out and packing up decorations this season. 

4. Ensure the backyard party area is ready for activity.

Your backyard can get a lot of traffic during the fall. From soccer games with the kids to backyard barbecues to cheer for your favorite football team, you’ll want to make sure your yard is ready for all the activities.

Check that the barbecue grill and surrounding appliances are clean and in working order, and ask a professional for repairs if needed. If you don’t plan on grilling during the colder months, consider storing your grilling equipment in a storage facility. Bring out festive colored patio furniture cushions in deep reds, golds, oranges and browns to create an ambiance that is warm and welcoming and fits with the season.

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This fall, your outdoor home is going to see a lot of people come and go. The beauty of it all is that autumn is the perfect time to embrace the camaraderie of close friends and bring all of the excitement of the changing seasons to your home. Use these ideas to create an outdoor home that will welcome your guests and allow you to enjoy entertaining them!



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