Melissa Michaels

6 Steps to Transform Your Garage This Summer

Garages can become dumping grounds for everything except the car. If this describes your situation, follow these tips to transform your garage this...

Decluttering: Letting Go of Things You Love

If you’re having a difficult time getting rid of things with sentimental value, here are some ideas that will help you declutter and enjoy the...

15 “Do It Now” Decluttering Habits

If you have a habit of letting clutter pile up, these decluttering tips will help you turn your home into a more relaxing and orderly environment.

Tips for an Organized Closet

If you wish your closet was better organized but have been putting the project off, use these tips to tackle the mess and get it under control.

Eight Tips for a Tidy and Peaceful Bedroom

When your bedroom is full of clutter, chaos, dust and disorder, it’s hard to kick back and relax. Here are some tips for transforming your bedroom...

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