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Things to Do in Orlando:
Something Fun for Everyone


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Orlando's humble beginnings in 1838 during the height of the Seminole War belied its future. Incorporated in 1875, the town had just 85 residents. By 2011, Orlando had grown to a city of more than 240,000 people. As an Orlando resident, you likely are often asked to host friends and family-especially those who live in colder climates. Luckily, the city is full of things to do. Whether your guests are active or shoppers, museum lovers or thrill seekers, Orlando has something in store for them.

Orlando Is Active

For your guests who enjoy a more active lifestyle, Orlando is loaded with options. From hiking and biking to water sports, there is something for everyone. Orlando is also home to several beautiful parks.


The geography of the region is ideal, not only for hiking, but for exploring. The diverse region includes wetlands, prairies, forests and rivers, making it the ideal place for those interested in a variety of hiking experiences. The hiking community is rich as well, making it easy to find hiking partners or events. Favorite hiking spots include:

Whether your guests are looking for a short walk or are interested in a 10-mile trek, Orlando has plenty of hiking options.

Mountain Biking

The rich geography of central Florida lends itself naturally to mountain biking. Bikers can enjoy a variety of challenging trails including theBull Creek Management Wildlife Area and the Hall Scott Preserve.

When not in use, you can easily store larger biking equipment in a local storage facility. This is particularly ideal for those choosing to live in one of downtown Orlando's popular apartment complexes.

Boating and Fishing

In addition to its close proximity to the ocean, many Orlando residents and their guests enjoy fishing and boating on one of the more than 40 lakes in and around Orlando. Remember, in many cases you must have a Florida fishing license to fish in these lakes. Be sure to provide your guests with the information they need to obtain a valid fishing license. If you have several favorite fishing spots, find a storage facility that is centrally located to store your boat and gear. This is especially helpful if your home is not located near any of your favorite fishing holes.

Orlando Is Culture

Orlando has a rich history, with its foundation in Native American culture. The area played an important role in the Seminole Wars and was also heavily explored by the early American pioneers. Whether your guests want a brief introduction to the history of the area or just enjoy visiting museums, Orlando has many options. Learn more about the rich history, arts and culture of greater Orlando and Florida by visiting one of the following museums:

Orlando Is Everything Else

If museums and hiking just aren't for your guests, Orlando still has plenty to offer. Those who enjoy professional sports can take in a Magic game. Take a stroll through the historic district for shopping and dining or make a stop at the Orlando Premium Outlet Mall. Take in a show at the Bob Carr Theater. Choose from boat tours, international dining, amusement parks and other distractions the city offers.

Orlando is an exciting city to visit and an even more exciting one to live in. With the large number of attractions and events throughout the region, your guests will never be bored. Take the time to stop by the welcome center for the latest information on new attractions.

If after their stay your guests want to do more than visit, they should consider moving to Orlando, FL. They can then enjoy everything the city has to offer year-round. Be a good friend and help plan the upcoming move. You can start by accessing a free moving truck rental when you rent an Uncle Bob's storage facility.

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