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Military Storage:
Service Members Need Storage, Too


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Florida is home to more than 20 different military bases and installations. With locations for the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, more than 42,000 military personnel call Florida home-at least temporarily. A variety of training facilities, naval bases, and more mean that military personnel are constantly moving into and out of the state. Whether you post to a base in Florida or are leaving one for a tour overseas, as a member of the military, you have several unique storage issues. Learning how to overcome these challenges can help keep your things safe, secure and readily available whenever you need them.

Military Transients

With the average military service member moving once every year, they are, by definition, transient. Some service members may move more, depending on their position, but these moves often vary. For example, you may find yourself temporarily posted to a training center to advance your knowledge. In this situation, the military may provide housing for you, which means you may need little more than your duffle bag. Alternatively, you may find yourself sent overseas for an extended deployment or posted for a year or more to another base. Some of these moves may require you to pack, move and store your belongings.

Organization Is Key

While organization is important during any move, it is perhaps more so during a military relocation. You may not have access to your stored belongings for an extended period of time and, when you do finally settle into a new home, you may not be the person moving your furniture and personal belongings. Because of this, how you pack and place your belongings is critically important.

Before you begin the moving process, find out which resources your military branch offers. Chances are, you will find a variety of services available to you. Often, these resources can assist you in locating new housing community groups.

Make sure to keep track of all out-of-pocket funds spent, keeping your receipts in a folder. In some cases, the military will reimburse many of your relocation expenses for you and your family.

Service Member Storage

When storing your belongings for any period of time, make sure you carefully pack, place and inventory everything. This will make it much easier for you to find what you need for your next move. Once you arrive at your storage unit, consider dividing your belongings into three major categories:

  • Furniture and Large Items - These oversized items may not be necessary for every move. For example, if you are moving into temporary furnished housing or have a short tour, your furniture likely won't travel with you. Place these items in the back of your storage unit. Use pallets, when possible, to keep them off the floor and cover furniture with moving blankets or pads to prevent the buildup of dust.

  • Personal Items - Place pictures, CDs, books and other personal items in the storage unit next. These items may travel with you more often than your furniture, so you should have relatively easy access to them. Take appropriate precautions when packing these things. In particular, keep in mind Florida's relatively high humidity.

  • Must-Haves - There are, of course, a variety of items you must have, no matter where you are posted. Place clothing, toiletries, paperwork and similar items at the very front of the storage unit. Consider using a shelving unit to house these items for easy access.

Keep an Inventory

The single best thing you can do when storing your items before a military move is creating a complete inventory and making multiple copies of it. Keep one right in the unit, one with you and one with your family. This will help you or others find what you want no matter where you are.

If you are serving in one of the branches of our military, there is a good chance you will spend at least some time in the state of Florida. If you do and need additional storage, use our simple search tool to help you find a storage unit.

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