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Austin: Why It's a Good Hub for Business


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Austin: Good for Business

Austin is a cultural, governmental, and economic hub in the southern United States, and, as the 13th largest city in the U.S., it plays an important part in both national and international business. Many factors contribute to this reality, but the Austin Chamber of Commerce says it best: "Austin hosts a highly educated, bilingual, multi-tiered workforce and a passion for success."

With the University of Texas and other campuses turning out well-educated and work-ready graduates with new ideas, Austin is destined to be at the economic forefront. So what makes Austin such a great place to do business?

Economic Paradise

For nine consecutive years (2004-2013), Texas has been hailed as the Best State for Business by Austin-based businesses regularly make headlines as well; in 2010, personal finance magazine Kiplinger's recognized Austin as the best city for the next decade. By 2013, Austin ranked the fourth-most recovered city from the 2007 recession, with more than 17 percent of the city's GDP recovered. rated Austin as the #1 Most Business-Friendly City in the United States. Sandy Daniel, co-founder of said, "Some 7,000 business owners across the country have told us that they care about a lot more than just taxes - for most businesses, simple licensing regulations and helpful training programs are even more important to their success." Austin meets those criteria.

With year-round good weather, a wealth of natural resources, lots of space for development and storage, excellent education opportunities and a heap of Texan can-do attitude, Austin has given birth to some rather spectacular businesses. Whether you're looking to start a business by yourself or are looking for the right coattails to ride, Austin's calling you.

Local Stars

Austin is a city of about 800,000 people, each with their own goal of succeeding financially and still enjoying life to the fullest. Accordingly, Austin has established itself as a place where you can do both. Of the Inc. 5000 of 2012, more than 80 of them are located in Austin, with quite a few rising stars. One of the most eye-catching is Xtreme Power (#15), which engineers power management systems for wind and solar power producers and has experienced an 8,423 percent growth between 2008 and 2011. Only slightly lower (6,277 percent growth) is MHD Enterprises, an Austin-based computer parts wholesaler. In this town, storage space is a hot commodity for businesses like MHD that have large product inventories and equipment.

Austin sees itself as a bastion of liberal thought in Texas and models much of its local culture on the community spirit of Portland, Oregon. As part of the city's "Keep Austin Weird" mentality, Austinites are quick to promote and support local businesses. Other local color of Austin includes the wildly popular Internet-based company Despair, Inc which specializes in humorous "demotivational" merchandise.

Of course, with Austin hosting internationally reknowned concerts and festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, the city has a vibrant music scene, supported by local recording studios like Emperor Jones, a studio which worked with artists like the Mountain Goats and Nigel Bunn. You may be surprised by how successful a small-scale, grassroots business can be in Austin (provided it has the right word-of-mouth and social media marketing campaign).

Come to Austin

It can't be said any clearer: Austin is a great place to do business, and it is home to "more fine restaurants and clubs per capita than any other U.S. city." With so many businesses opportunities, it's a cinch to see why this is the place to be. Whether you simply need more storage for your expanding business's needs or you're looking for the right brainpower to partner up with, this is the city where it's all possible and profitable.

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